Discover our specialist capabilities

Specialist Services

8point8 has provided a comprehensive range of specialist services for over 25 years, aiming at providing a broad portfolio of products and services to the telecoms, broadcast, renewable energy and military sectors.

Our expertise has developed innovative solutions to assist in the complexities of mast and tower projects that extends to new builds, refurbishments and upgrades. We have carried out full and partial mast decommissions for a variety of international clients using derrick/gin pole and crane techniques.

8point8 have delivered an extensive range of GSM-R Networks rail services that includes tunnel portals, site repeaters, RDS (rapid deployment sites) and permanent mast installations at varying heights. Our expertise continues to broaden with over a hundred installations for industry leading rail companies.

Special Services

8point8 engineers have all the specialist security clearances and skill sets, to enable us to build a strong working relationship with various clients through the emergency services. 8point8 possess specific MOD clearances to enable works to be carried out and supervised by 8point8.  Unique NATS approval cleared (National air traffic services). Along with Warwickshire police clearance.

  • Radar tower supply and installation
  • Supply and installation of specific communication towers
  • Welfare facilities
  • Security and live monitoring
  • Structural Design and analysis
  • Installation of hybrid NATS communication towers made up of steel and wooden sections.
  • Ancillary steelwork supply and solutions
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Supply, maintain and installation of Fall arrest systems
Strengthening and Upgrading Works

8point8 have the required skills and expertise to conquer the most challenging of projects on temporary and permanent masts, covering telecoms, emergency services and Meteorological masts on and offshore.
Our vast experience of qualified engineers have worked relentlessly for years finding constructive and safe methods of completing the impossible tasks on a comprehensive range of structural upgrades:

  • Guy wire maintenance and replacement.
  • Tower design and analysis
  • Thorough structural reports
  • Tower strengthening on existing structures
  • Structure extensions
  • Platform Installation
  • Ladder & Staircase Installation
  • Telecom headframe upgrades
  • Safe to climb and fall arrest inspections
  • Ancillary steelwork solutions and maintenance
  • Anti-Climb solutions
  • Tower maintenance services
Safety Systems

8point8 provide safe solutions to working at height and open areas. Our trained, competent and approved engineers can supply and install various safety systems. These systems cover horizontal and vertical fall arrest systems, eyebolts, ladders or walkway systems. All systems can be tailored to suit your needs, temporary or permanent fixtures.

  • Latchways trained and approved
  • Soll trained and approved

Sectors covered:

  • Telecoms
  • Renewable / Wind Energy
  • Wind Turbines
  • Offshore systems
  • Commercial and public buildings
Rope Access

8point8 provide a safe, efficient and effective solution to difficult access problems. Our range of work expands throughout the telecommunications industry, offshore and reactive works. These works fall under the areas of inspections, maintenance and installation / decommission works. Our expertise spread over 20 years’ experience from a full range of IRATA trained and British standard technicians.

  • MET mast installations and maintenance
  • Manual and Hydraulic torquing.
  • Broadcasting
  • Telecoms
  • Renewables
  • Reactive maintenance
Rail - Special Projects
  • Wide variety of working at height projects working through GSM-R services and HS1 (High speed rail).
  • PTS Qualified Engineers
  • HS1 Qualified Engineer
  • Site Optimization
  • GSM-R Site installations
  • Installation and maintenance of Rapid deployment sites (RDS)
  • Tower / BTS maintenance
  • Testing and commissioning GSM-R telecom installs
  • Planned maintenance and site inspection or PIV’S (Pre-inspection visits)
  • Tunnel Solutions
  • Repeater installations
  • Tower erection via Derrick Pole
  • Fall arrest installation and inspection
  • Safe to climb inspections
Masts &Towers

8point8 can supply and install various mast solutions across all industries to support telecom, microwave and radio equipment.  Renewable MET kits on and offshore solutions or Bespoke structures designed to suit you.

8point8 have a close partnership with the Emergency services, Serco (MOD), BBC and National Air Traffic Services (NATS) providing a full turnkey solution for various projects.

  • Individual or complete mast and tower packages, ranging from full design and build to maintenance, decommissions and inspections.
  • Installation, maintenance and decommission of permanent and temporary masts including guyed masts. (Tubular & Lattice)
  • Various methods of installation and decommission using Derrick pole, Helicopter and Crane.
  • Telecom (rooftop & modular) installations.
  • Design, Inspection and structural reports for all projects.