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Construction Services

8point8 Support operatives are all directly employed and have a wealth of experience delivering both large and small projects. All teams are NRSWA trained and work from fully Chapter 8 compliant, liveried vehicles. Working under the direction of experienced Project Managers, they strive to deliver time critical projects, usually working to client/ local authority time scales. They use their extensive construction knowledge to ensure all works are carried out to the required standard first time and aim to deliver projects on time and snag free.

From the initial conversation regarding a possible project, a dedicated Project Manager will be allocated to ensure that continuity of knowledge is maintained. We aim to build long term relationships with our clients and our experienced Project Managers are well versed in delivering time critical projects as they are committed to working in partnership with our clients.

We offer technical advice and support when innovative solutions are required, to ensure sites are built to the required standards that are both cost effective and safe. We understand the need to approach projects in a collaborative way and treat each project either large or small with the same professional manner.

Greenfield new build sites

8point8 operatives possess all the skills necessary to successfully build and commission a new greenfield site. The management of the site will be overseen by a dedicated Project Manager who will be responsible for scheduling plant and materials to ensure that the projects are completed in line with the client’s programme requirements. 8point8 are able to build, power, erect tower, rig site and commission. Using our own fleet of delivery vehicles, we are also able to deliver cabinets and equipment to site to ensure programme constraints are met. 8point8 are able to offer a full turnkey solution for a greenfield site. Doing this eases the interfaces between the various trades on site and leads to a more efficient delivery.

Streetwork installations

Delivering Streetwork sites can be challenging as many require the interaction with other operators, utility companies and Local Authorities. Our Project Managers are familiar with their requirements and have the experience to deal with any situation posed, whether it be arranging traffic management in central London or arranging complex lifting operations adjacent to the highway. All projects are tracked on our bespoke Project Management system, Maximus, to ensure the smooth planning of labour and materials. Real time reporting from Maximus linked to the Vehicle trackers allows for efficient management of the teams leading to projects being installed on time and to budget. Constant training and retraining of our teams ensures that we always have well trained operatives on site thereby reducing the chances of unplanned incidents happening.

Network / capacity upgrades

When additional capacity is required for a site, it often only requires the installation of an additional cabinet along with the installation of the required duct work. 8point8 are well placed to deliver these smaller projects as all our teams are directly employed and can therefore be planned in to suit the requirements of the project. Being able to provide a turnkey solution minimises the actual time spent on site. Providing directly employed Construction teams, electricians, riggers and transport generates its own inefficiencies and takes away many of the interface issues which could delay the deployment of an upgrade.